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Atalie Bernic was a beautiful, young, and strong mother whose life was ended prematurely as a result of triple negative breast cancer. All those who knew and loved her were in awe of the courage and determination she demonstrated during her valiant battle. Throughout her darkest days, her focus was selflessly on the well-being of her six year old daughter Julia, wanting to make their last days together as happy and carefree as possible. Her actions personified her spirit and instilled her courageous strength and enduring message of HOPE in her beautiful daughter.

It is the wish of Atalie’s family and friends to keep her memory and spirit alive through Atalie’s Hope- a not for profit foundation dedicated to helping the children of women who are currently battling or have lost their fight with cancer. It is our goal to raise awareness of the impact a mother’s struggle has on a child which can unfortunately be overlooked during such a trying time. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to children whose lives have been affected by this deadly disease. This support can take the form of psychological counseling, tuition for a school semester or camp, or any number of activities that may somehow help a child cope with the suffering or loss of a mother. If we can bring a little bit of joy, much needed comfort, and hope to a child whose life has been turned upside down due to this horrible disease, Atalie’s memory will be honored.

Our foundation, Atalie’s Hope, is still in its beginning stage. We ask that you will follow this page in order to help us achieve our goals. Please share it with your friends and family as we are confident Atalie’s charitable and inspirational soul will shine through us all in order to help a child in need.


Nada Bernic…..…..….. President

Chris Bernic…..…..……Vice President

Scott Inguagiato…..…. Vice President

Rose Maracic…..……… Treasurer

Lisa Spinelli Stumpf……. Assistant Treasurer

Gina Salato…..… Secretary

Joanna Bernic……. Assistant Secretary


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